Richard’s Gut Glossary

There’s plenty of common terms used in relation to gut health, but what do they mean? Our gut glossary is here to help.


  •       Lactobacills Acidophilus: Traditionally used for traveller’s diarrhoea but now commonly used for all kinds of digestive upset, it not only helps to maintain healthy digestive pH balance, but also assists in finding harmful pathogens and is involved in immune function.


  •       Bifidobacterium Bifidum: One of the Bifidobacterium family found naturally, occurring mostly in the lower half of the digestive tract. It is especially good for those whose symptoms include poor bowel transit, such as constipation, or lower gut infections.


  •       Lactobacillus Casei: Found naturally occurring in the digestive tract, it encourages healthy bowel movements.


  •       Lactococcus Lactis: Renowned for its antimicrobial benefits in supporting the body against undesirable bacteria and some fungi.


  •       Prebiotics: Substances to assist growth and provide sustenance for friendly bacteria in the digestive tract. The most commonly used ones include FOS sugars (fructooligosaccharides).


  •       Digestive Enzymes: Taken with food, they assist with breakdown of food as it’s being eaten, and shortly afterwards. They have been used effectively for wind and bloating.


  •       Betaine Hydrochoride: Can be taken for those experiencing indigestion or reflux.


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