Allergy testing and nutrition with Gareth Zeal – Friday 14th Feb

Allergy testing and nutrition with Gareth Zeal, one of Britain’s leading nutritionists. Gareth uses the Asyra method of allergy testing which works on ‘bio-feedback’. In follow-up he has found that the recommendations that come from the machine are about 80% accurate given patients own experiences in taking those foods out of the diet.

Gareth Zeal has been working as a nutritionist for over 20 years, has co-authored 500 health tips with Hazel Courtenay, lectures around the world on the benefits of nutrition in practice to naturopaths, health food retailers pharmacists and doctors.

When in the UK he has practices from Aberdeen to London but mostly concentrated around the north east. The majority of his clients have digestive issues but he still sees a number of athletes these days – not the premiership football club but more endurance marathon,tri-athletes and MMA fighters.

Consultations take place in the store and last 40 minutes. They cost £45 pre booking is advised but not essential.  Call the Shop on 01376 329009. or email — Friday 14th Feb 11 til 4

See Gareth in Action below – talking about Beta-Glucans.