Can a reflexologist diagnose the ailments?

No professional reflexologist is allowed to diagnose conditions/ailments.  Of course we can detect problem areas within the reflex points but it is against our professional standards to diagnose ailments – we are not Doctors.  A reflexologist may ask questions during a session if they can feel disruption in a reflex but that does not mean they are making any kind of a diagnosis.  A recommendation to visit a GP may be given if the therapist is concerned.

Are there any side effects from this form of therapy?

There are no particularly negative side effects to reflexology.  Most practitioners will use non allergenic lubricants and provide detailed after advice verbally and in writing.  Some clients may experience more frequent urination, tiredness, being a little emotional but these kind of issues arise from a “healing crisis” which is a good thing.  These kind of symptoms last for a maximum of 24 hours and then generally clients will report feeling much better after a “healing crisis”.

I like to contact each client two days after each treatment just to see how they are, but equally this helps to create a trusting relationship between therapist and client which allows the client to confidently be able to discuss the smallest detail which may seem small and insignificant to them but can be a vital key to a reflexologists form of treatment for that client.

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