What does Bradley Wiggins eat to get to the top. He has a gluten-free diet, has stopped having sugar in his coffee and he’s quit drinking beer. Here, his nutritionist Nigel Mitchell tells you what the Olympic hopeful eats to keep in top shape.

BREAKFAST: A good quality muesli or porridge, as they release energy and carbohydrates slowly. I also add a teaspoon of goji berries, flax and sunflower seeds, which taste good and are easily digested.

Skimmed milk is preferable as you don’t need the excess calories from other kinds.

MID-MORNING SNACKS: Anything like a banana or CNP’s flapjack bar is great.

LUNCHTIME: Most people like a sandwich. The best are those of wholemeal bread with some tuna, salad or tomatoes.

AFTERNOON SNACKS: This is basically the same as the morning one.

EVENING MEAL: Go for the traditional meat/fish/chicken and veg meals, or pasta.

SUPPER: Have a light snack before bed. Yogurt or camomile teas with a spoonful of honey or a small bowl of cereal.

DRINKS: People often sweat more than they realise. Drink lots of water.

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