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What is the Save Our Supplements (SOS) Campaign?

Save our Supplements (SOS) is a campaign calling on Government to take action to prevent hundreds of safe and popular vitamins, minerals and herbal products from being wiped from the shelves of UK stores by new European legislation.

For over 15 years, Consumers for Health Choice has successfully campaigned to delay the implementation of the EU ‘Foods Supplements Directive’ which passed into law in 2005.

The directive seeks to control the Maximum Permitted Levels (MPLs) for vitamin and mineral food supplements. Although still being debated, there is a strong possibility that the levels will be set in line with France and Germany which are considerably lower than the levels currently allowed in the UK. We believe this will have a serious impact both on the UK supplements industry and on your right to choose how you take care of your own health.

That’s why we’ve re-launched the SOS campaign, lobbying government to protect the sale of vitamin and mineral supplements in the UK and safeguard consumers’ rights to make informed choices for themselves, without EU interference. But we need your support…

It’s in your hands.

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