Co-enzyme Q10 – Fuel For A Healthy Life

Some of us may have heard the name Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) but how many of us realise how important this substance is for our body’s production of energy?

CoQ10 plays a very important role at a very fundamental biochemical level in a process known as the “electron transport chain”, the method by which the body produces energy.

CoQ10 operates in a similar way to the spark plugs in a car engine, without which the vehicle cannot start. When levels of CoQ10 decline energy production cannot function efficiently and consequently our energy levels decline.

Parts of the body that work the hardest, such as the heart and liver, and events that require extra energy, such as infection, healing and sperm production, also call for greater concentrations.

The link between the use of the cholesterol reducing statin medication and depletion of CoQ10 has long been understood and those individuals taking these medicines would be well advised to include a CoQ10 supplement in their daily regime.

CoQ10 levels naturally begin to decline around the age of 20, due to lower levels being made in the liver, and less being absorbed in the intestines.

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Co-enzyme Q10 – Cholesterol, Energy