Natural Relief From The Misery of Hayfever

Once again it is the time of year that people start to suffer from hayfever and with approximately 15% of the population suffering it has become a very common and irritating problem.

The rise in reactions to airborne allergens has several possible explanations. Declining omega-3, vitamin C or flavonoids intake are some of the most obvious. Sensitivity to allergens can predispose the individual to breathing difficulties, wider sensitivities and skin irritation.

The key to reducing the severity of such reactions lies in minimising allergen levels in the bloodstream and buffering the response to them. Quercetin, Ester C and Pine Bark are effective anti-histamines, stabilising the mast cells, which release the cause of all the misery. Natural sources of quercetin include onions, apples and green tea.

MSM, a rich source of sulphur, helps keep mucous thin, eases the breathing and nourishes the liver, responsible for histamine breakdown. Liquorice has an anti-inflammatory effect and is soothing for those irritated mucous membranes.

Natures Aid Quercetin Formula provides a perfect blend of these important nutrients to help provide relief from the misery of hayfever and it really is effective!

In addition to this sufferers should minimise their intake of dairy products, because it increases mucous production, whilst increasing the intake of fruit and vegetables.Natural Relief From The Misery of Hayfever