Natural Help for Acid Reflux – Zinc Carnosine

Quest vitamin have launch a new product as part of there platinum Exellence range called Carnozin.

What does it contain?

Carnozin contains a unique chelated one-to-one complex of zinc and L-carnosine that has excellent properties in relieving gastric discomfort and inflammation, protecting and repairing the mucosal stomach lining, protecting against ulcers and supporting the body’s defenses against H.pylori infection. Zinc carnosine is also highly recommended to be used alongside Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAID’s) eg ibuprofen or diclofenac.

How does it work in the body?

Zinc carnosine has several modes of action to provide its gastric protective and healing properties.  The beneficial effect of zinc carnosine is “non-systemic”, which means that it exerts a direct beneficial effect on the stomach lining and is not reliant on actual absorbtion or systemic circulation in the blood stream. Due to its unique chelated form, zinc carnosine breaks down in the stomach at slow rate and therefore exerts a longer beneficial influence in the stomach.

  • Zinc carnosine acts as a gastric cyto-protective agent by increasing gastric mucous secretion, thereby enhancing the protection of the mucosal stomach lining.
  • Zinc carnosine helps in the repair of gastric damage, by promoting gastric epithelial wound repair and increasing the production of insulin like growth factor 1.
  • Zinc carnosine increases gastric micro-circulation and reduces the secretion of gastric acid.


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