Promixx – Vortex Auto Mixer Shaker

PROMiXX™ fluid dynamics unleashes the incredible mixing power of nature’s vortex, for the smoothest blends on the planet!

Lumpy shakes, powdery supplement drinks and time consuming mixes are now a thing of the past. The PROMiXX™ vortex stimulates nature’s very own implosion reaction to oxygenate and re-energise your water – science tells us it could even improve bio availability too…

or so their website information say’s!

So i thought i would try one out for myself.

I play badminton for Bishops Stortford, and also like to run as much as possible and always have a shake when I get in from running, but its an 35 minute drive from badminton to home, and sometimes would rather just hit the shower and bed after getting in late.  As well as needing the protein to help the muscles recovery as soon as possible after exercise.

So i thought i would give this mixer a go, i filled it with my normal milk and brought along my sachet of Kinetic Whey Protein and a few chia seeds to have after my hard county match on Wednesday.

Well the mixer did not leak (they say it 100% leak proof) in the bottom of my sports bag, although I knew it was there because its heavy than your regular shaker, but then you would expect that because it is well made out of durable BPA free plastic.

When it came to mixing up the protein powder it did it with ease, and i was very impressed with the mix, although there was still the occasional little clump of protein powder, but nothing like the sticky gloop you can get at the bottom when you use a standard hand mixer with just a plastic mesh at the top… You can see my mixer in action in the short vid below.

When it comes to washing it was so simple… I detached the motor rinsed with water, filled with water again, put the motor back on, gave it a quick spin and hey as good as new.

A word of warning though…. do not get the internal working of the motor wet, this is NOT supposed to be submersed in water and if you do will risk the motor stopping. (but this is or should be common sense!)

Promixx - Vortex Auto Mixer Shaker

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