Effects of folic acid for children

New research has added to the weight of evidence surrounding the importance of folic acid for children.

It is well accepted that folic acid prior to conception and during the first trimester is critial to reduce the risk of neural tube defects in babies. But in this lastest study, researchers set out to examine maturnal use and its effect on childhood brain tumours (CBT).

The study, carried out in Australia between 2005 and 2011, saw the researchers assess if maternal use of folic acid and other supplements was protective. Mothers of 327 cases of CBT and 867 control children provided information on supplement use before and during pregnancy, including brand name, dose and timing.

After analysing the results, the researchers, writing in the journal Cancer, Epidemiology Biomakers & Preventon, concluded: “The results suggest that folic acid supplements before and possibly during pregnacy may protect against CBT. Such associations are bioligically plausible throught establised mechanisums.

This study provides evidenece of a specific protective effect of prenatal folic acid supplementation against the risk of CBT that is not attributable to the actions of the other micronutrients investigated.”