Retail Exellence – The Natural Way!

This year at the Health Food Institute (HFI) Annual Lecture, our very own, very Shocked founder Ron Sambridge was named as the winner of the James Henry Cook award.

Ron Sambridge set up The Natural Way in Braintree in Essex with his wife Jenny in the late 80’s, before opening up his second shop in Bishops Stortford in Hertfordshire. Now both managed by his son Richard.


In announcing Ron Sambridge as the award winner, HFI Chairman, John Frisby explained that Ron’s Journey to a meat free (vegan) lifestyle began as a friendly bet with his brother-in-law, that he could not stick being a Vegetarian for a year. “He then found that his asthma improved and he then became a vegan,” John said, adding; “The shops have been a way of life, as changing his own lifestyle greatly improved his health.”



Retail Exellence - The Natural Way!

Ron Sambridge – Reciving the James Henry Cook Award