Soil analysis over the last eighty years has shown up to a 75% decline in nutrients such as zinc and magnesium.

Commercial farming comes at a price. The cost is the loss of the nutritional value of our crops. Premature harvesting of fruits and vegetables does not allow them to reach their natural peak of nutrition. Two peaches back in 1951 would have provided the daily requirements of vitamin A for an adult woman. Today, we would have to consume 53 peaches to reach those requirements.

The millions of pounds worth of chemical agents that are added to our water, air and food each year have also lead to an adverse effect on our nutrient status. Many of us now contain up to 500 known toxins in our tissues that were not found in humans prior to 1940.

In addition to these concerns the effects of stress depletes the body of vital nutrients whilst processing, storing and cooking can reduce the vitamin content of our food further.

The problem is that not one of us will have a truly balanced diet. A recent survey of 21,000 people was carried out and not one single person achieved the recommended daily allowance for all the basic nutrients.

This is why I recommend that we all should take a multivitamin and mineral supplement and why I take one myself!

These are the ones I take, and the rest of our range. Multivits