Street Yoga at The Natural Way

Giles Bryant and the Perpetual Choirs joined the staff at The Natural Way in Braintree for some Street Yoga, and to give the shoppers of Braintree a taste of some Raw Organic Smoothies!

Here are the Ingredients for the Organic Super Warroir Energy Soomthie.

Mix together the following:

1.5 Litres or so – Water

150g or there abouts –  Organic Omega 3 blend of Seeds

2 Scoops – Sunwarrior Vanilla Rice Protein Powder

A Hand full – Organic Dates

2 teaspoons – Raw Cacao Powder

2 teaspoons – Spirallina

(an optional banana)

Then just blend it all up in a blender and then pour into a glass and drink up the energy!


Check of the video below of some of the fun being had at the event early today.

Street Yoga at The Natural Way

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