The Vegan Kitchen Table Cookbook


With a combined eating history of nearly 80 years, Paul and Freya Erickson (very good customers of our shop) know a lot about food! They also have a thing or two to say about the damage that can be caused by a lifetime of unhealthy eating. Having eaten everything there was to eat, within reason, and then written about it on their popular food blog Writing at the Kitchen Table, they have changed their carnivorous ways. In the Vegan Kitchen Table Cookbook, they have abandoned their meat-eating past to create new vegan favourites that do not compromise on taste with the added benefit of being cruelty-free.

Vegan Kitchen Table has been written with cooks of all skill levels in mind and offers not only delicious food, but exciting anecdotes and beautiful illustrations throughout. The authors have learned through experience the benefits that this dramatic lifestyle change can offer and hope this book will serve as an insightful introduction into the world of vegan-ism to the uninitiated as well as becoming a vital reference to the dyed-in-the-cotton (no wool please) vegan for life. Vegan Kitchen Table also offers a wide range of gluten free recipes of all descriptions making it a valuable source of information for coeliacs or those looking to reduce gluten in their diet. Contains over 100 enticing recipes, including a large section on vegan breadmaking and the tricky gluten-free, vegan baking.

As patrons of our shop in Braintree, we have been lucky enough to be given a sneak preview of their book, which is due out in November. Below is an exert from the book, to give you a taste (pardon the pun) of the recipes contained within.

vegan cook book sample page 1Click image for full page view of the vegan cookbook

vegan cookbook sample page 2

 Its making me hungry just writing about this book and their recipes.

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