Slimming Superfood Kelp

The Lastest celebrity slimming superfood Kelp apparently can help boost metabolism and burn calories.

Slimming Superfood  kelp is a common dark brown seaweed found in the U.S and Europe.
Bladderwrack thrives along the british coastline and is often used in place of kelp. It is high in minerals, including iodine, and is used in proprietary weight-loss aids (though its efficacy for this is unproven)

Here are some facts about the new slimming superfood Kelp (Bladderwrack)


Nourishing and soothing

Stimulates the throid gland


A nourishing tonic.

Obesity with tiredness and dry skin.

Cellulite, chronic dry skin, and stubborn constipation. Regular use will delay the progress of arthritis and hardening of arteries. A good tonic for old age.

For children with slow mental and physical development.



  • Avoid in over active Thyroid conditions, except with professional guidance.
  • Not recommended for children under 5.
  • Its best to seek advice before using herbs for weight loss.

Don’t harvest your own kelp from the wild. Coastal or aquatic colonies of the algae may be contaminated with waste or sewage and contain concentrated levels of lead, mercury, cadmium or other dangerous toxins.


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slimming superfood kelp