The Most recent addition to our shop is The Vegan Way Café, a completely Vegan Café offering eat in or takeaway home cooked breakfast, lunches, coffees, cakes, smoothies and more. See The Vegan Ways dedicated page for more information.

The Vegan Way Cafe



Organic Freedom Blend, freshly ground coffee a blend of organic fair trade coffee beans exclusively roasted for us. With your choice of mylks. Oat, Almond, Coconut or Soya. Latte – Cappuccino – Americano the choice is yours.

Coffee Alternatives

Longevity Coffee – A blend of Mushrooms – Chaga, Reishi and superherbs.
Wake Up! – Uplifting and full-bodied with a shot of Guarana in every cup.
No-Caff – A Barley & Chicory Blend.
Bambu – A fruit & grain “coffee” made from chicory, cereals & sun ripened figs.

Teas & Herbal Tea

Organic Ceylon
Golden Himalayan Darjeeling – The “champagne” of teas.
Earl of Bengal – Unapologetically flavourful with a splash of bergamot citrus.
Matcha Green Tea
Green Tea
White Tea and Aloe Vera
Tulsi Green – Holy Basil
The Full range of Yogi teas and lots more.


Tropical Turmeric
A Blend of Pineapple, Banana, Organic Coconut Milk, Organic Turmeric, Black pepper and ginger.

Green Detox
A refreshing mix of pineapple, apple, spinach, kale, ginger and lemon plus added super greens – spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass and barley grass.

Berry Burst Energy
A get you going mix of Strawberry, blueberry, banana, raspberry, blackcurrant & spinach – with the added oomph of – flax-seed, maca, cacao and gurana.


Peppermint Oreo Milk Shake
A indulgent shake of Oreo’s, peppermint, rich oat milk and booja booja vanilla ice cream.

Peanut butter & Banana Chocolate Protein Shake
Plenty of peanut butter, bananas, a shot of raw protein powder finished off with raw cacao powder for that chocolate hit!

Scrambled Egg on Toast
All Day Breakfast Muffin – Egg, Sausage, Cheese & Rashers
Beans on Toast
Sausage and smoked maple rasher sandwich
Avocado on Toast
Organic Five fruit Muesli

Or create your own from the ingredients above.


Sausage Rolls
Sausage and Smoked maple rasher sandwich
Scrambled Vegan Egg on Toast

Med veg, Triple Cheese, Mushroom, Hawaiian


The Green One
Broccoli, Spinach, Basil, Sunflower seeds, chia seeds, flaxseeds and ranch dressing

The Smoky Bean One
Black Beans, Chili Sauce, smoked paprika, broccoli, chia seeds, flaxseeds and oats.

Burger extra’s
Smoked vegan cheeese, red onion, avocado, sauerkraut, mayo, chili sauce

Dishes of the day
An example of the range of dishes we cook, we always have two hot dishes of the day, if not more.

Caribbean Coconut Curry
Sweet potato & Chickpea curry
Marrow, Sage & Carrot Soup
Curried Coconut and red Lentil soup
African Peanut Curry
Wild Garlic Tofu with Quinoa Taboula
Raw chickpea curry with courgette spaghetti
Mexican Quinoa Stew
Three bean Chili

Our cake selection varies daily but we will have a selection of the cakes below.

Gluten Free Cakes

Mint Chocolate Chip
Carrot Cake
Victoria Sandwich
Date, Walnut & Chocolate slab cake

Raw & Gluten Free

Raw Millionaires Shortbread
Avocado Hazelnut Chocolate Torte
Chocolate Brownies


Lemon Dizzle
Banana Muffins
Tea Cakes

Coffee Shop Opening Times

Monday 9 til 4
Tuesday 9 til 4
Wednesday 8:30 til 4
Thursday 9 til 4
Friday 9 til 4
Saturday 8:30 til 4