Green Coffee for weight loss

Green Coffee Extract for Weight Loss

Green Coffee extract for weight loss, can promote weight loss by prioritising dietary fat as the fuel the liver processes for energy.

In the fasting state (between meals);

  • The pancreas will release a hormone called glucagons (the opposite to insulin),
  • This stimulates the liver to break down stored glycogen which will maintain blood suar levels and allow the brain / body to function.
  • This process is essentail as it prevents a condition called hypoglycaemia in which a person can become very light headed, and in extreme cases can lead to coma.

However, the human body has evolved sufficiently to recognise that our glucose stores are limited and can be exhausted within a couple of days. In this instance, the body has a choice,  it can either switch to an alternative fuel or it can shut down altogether.

The fuels available are protein  and fat but it needs to consider this choice carefully. The body will always use fat in this circumstance.

By doing this, the body preserves muscle and so aids our ability to exercise, with the resulting energy used increasing the calries that can be used and as a result sustaining weight loss.

Green coffee has been shown to inhibit an enzymze involved in the normal conversion of glycogen to glucose which, in a way, tricks the body into thinking all the glucose has been used up and therefore forces fat to be used.

Choosing a slimming product

Again there are two aspects to consider when investigating such products. The first, and most important, is to realise that these pills will not be a excuse to contiune poor eating habits and the use of slimming pills should always be combined with increased excercise levels and a healthy eating plan.

Secondly, is the type of slimming pill that you chose. Any slimming pills which promote weight loss by including a “stimulant” or high caffeine ingredients such as Guarana, work by increasing the resting metabolic rate so that the metabolism is being artifically increased, then so will the heart rate. This places extra stress on the heart and will increase blood pressure. This effect should be avoided, especially in long term use.

Green coffee extract containing chlorogenic acid does not artifially increase the metabolic rate.

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