Weight Balance, what can you do? weight balance

  1. One of the best things in helping to keep a healthy weight is paying attention to how you eat rather than just what you eat.
  2. Always sit down to eat, never eat on the hoof!
  3. Chew each mouthful at least 20 times
  4. Don’t have a large meal in the evening but spread your food intake out over the day, so that your body has a chance to use it up.

Keep properly hydrated – drink at least 1.5 litres of still, plain water over the course of the day, to avoid reaching for sugary foods for energy when actually your body is fatigued through dehydration. Drinks at least 20 minutes away from food to avoid diluting your digestive enzymes, as this will mean you get less benefit from you food. Caffeinated drinks tend to add to dehydration, so keep them to a minimum.

Don’t starve for long periods of the day, as this makes your blood sugar levels dip and your body is then even more likely to crave refined sugar.

Eat complex carbohydrates to give your body health sources of long term energy and avoid blood sugar peaks and troughs. For example, eat brown rice, bread and pasta rather than white, and dried fruit rather than sweets.

Weight balance – Supplements

Kelp for weight balance

The thyroid gland, which helps regulate the metabolisum, needs the mineral iodine to function properly, and kelp contains iodine. So if you take kelp you thyroid will be happy and it’s possible to raise the level of your metabolism and promote weight loss should you need to.

The RDA of iodine is 150mcg and you should’nt take more than this on a daily basis.

Do not take kelp before going to bed at night, as this isn’t generally a good time to raise your energy levels! Also don’t take kelp if you’re on thyroid medication, as it can mess up the dosage.

If you seem to be putting on undue amounts of weight or are tireder than normal, it would be sensible to ask for a thryorid test at the docotr’s

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Jerusalem Artichoke for weight balance

Diet plans can often go astry due to hunger pangs and, even harder to deal with, sugar cravings. This may be due to eating ineffectively: not sitting down to eat, eating in a hurry, and/or not chewing. Eating this way makes it hard for the body to extract the nutrients out of food, and the body therefore stays unsatisfied. Jerusalem Artichoke helps the body to obtain energy from carbohydrates.

That energy is released gradually to provide a steady source, rather than bloody sugar levels shooting up and then crashing down, which is the pattern found in those with hunger pangs and suagr cravings. The ‘real-life’ benefits reported by those that use it include feeling less hungry, experiencing fewer cravings, and finding it easier to stick to a sensible diet.

Avoiding refined carbohyrates (sugar, white flour, white pasta, chocolate and sweets, cales and biscuits) and eating more whole grains, dired fruit, nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables will provide your system with more fibre and energising nutrients.

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