5 ways to get your dose of Vitamin G:

1.Take a mindful moment in your garden or local green space: pause for a minute to appreciate the new green leaves, listen for birdsong or enjoy the scents of spring blooms to refresh your mind and senses.

2.Bring the outside in: if you’re working from home, add a green, leafy houseplant to your desk or near your work area – studies show this can reduce stress, increase productivity and attention span and improve reaction speed!

3.Pep up your plate: have a go at growing some quick herbs, salad leaves, or sprouting seeds on a windowsill or jam jar, which can be ready to harvest in just a few days or weeks to add a burst of green goodness and home-grown flavour to your meals.

4.Plant up a container to make you smile: choose a combination of colorful or scented flowers, tactile grasses and lush foliage to create a cheerful spring display to greet you whenever you leave or return home.

5.Green up your everyday: think about how you can connect with nature in your day-to-day activities – could you walk or cycle through the park on the way to the shops, have lunch alfresco or do a workout in the garden?