Just Natural Cacao Butter Raw 200g

Just Natural Cacao Butter Raw 200g

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Organic Cacao Butter Raw 200g

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Organic Cacao Butter Raw 200g

Organic Raw Cacao Butter Pieces

  • Raw.
  • Processed carefully at low temperatures.
  • Naturally high in antioxidants.
  • Has a delicious, chocolatey aroma.
  • Made from organically grown cocoa beans.
  • Can be used to make raw chocolates or other confectionary.
  • Easily melted into a smooth liquid.

These fragments of pure Cacao Butter have a fantastic chocolate aroma. This ingredient provides the base for a variety of chocolate and confectionery creations! Cacao butter is the main ingredient in dairy free white chocolate. As the butter melts it becomes a clear light amber colour. Once melted the Cacao butter is easy to pour and combine with other ingredients.

Using Cacao Butter

Cacao butter naturally clumps together when it solidifies. For ease of use in recipes we recommend that any large fragments are broken down and/or grated using a fine hand grater so that melting can occur more quickly and evenly. This will also help prevent overheating of the Cacao and any other ingredients when making chocolate, which can cause the mixture to split, crystallise and or simply discolour the finished article.

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